Withball Birthday Update

Hello!  Oct 27th is my birthday and also the 2yr anniversary of Witchball's first public showing , so I'm updating the release build with a special new track that was previously only playable at festivals! In addition, all proceeds for the duration of the sale will go to Trans Lifeline (https://www.translifeline.org/), because fuck this gov.

Other minor fixes/changes include:

  • Controller vibration can be toggled on/off via main menu (using V key)
  • Music "rhythm" tier is now based on distance traveled on track, "tone" tier remains based on point value of ball
  • Fixed some weird background terrain issues on 'Behind the Stage' and 'Great Investment'
  • Fixed bug causing ball to sometimes have the wrong ownership after both player spiked at same time
  • Fixed issue with music loading during startup
  • Game should now fullscreen properly on larger monitors


Oct 26, 2018

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